Loxfin Office

Loxfin Office


Loxfin ( Pty)  Ltd was registered  in 2005 , its initial focus was to serve and  protect the independent financial advisor. A successful business was established  with a large  amount independent financial advisors licensed under its license. During 2008 the business focus changed to include  the ability to  serve the needs of the  community by offering home loans and property related finance.

Loxfin matched the needs of investors to obtain a higher interest rate with the dire need of the  community   for competitive  home loans. We understand the importance of return on capital as well as return of capital.

The core competency of Loxfin is the ability to assess risk and  to take appropriate steps to manage risk. For this purpose we rely strongly on the intellectual property of our people and our  custom built information technology systems. Investors risks are managed and  controlled to minimise risk and to deliver optimum return.

Loxfin is a registered financial service provider , licensed at the Financial Services Board under license  number 31157.

Through its  subsidiary , Mortgage  Secured Finance (MSF ) we  are registered as a credit provider at the National Credit Regulator and as a full member of the Credit Providers Association.